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How to Compress Large Files for Email???

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Most of the people consider email to be the most reliable method of communication among several people in an organization or across the globe. By using Email, you can not only convey your message to the third party recipient, but with the aid of emails one can even share their files and folders to anyone worldwide. You may want to attach multiple files to your friend or colleague and send all of them at one single time. However, sending large files through emails is a time consuming process and in some cases, if the large files are of high resolution like photo files, then they will not be send to the other end user thereby making you to face errors stating that the size of the attached files are large. And, it is a well known fact that each and every email accounts will have certain file size limit which restricts the user to send files via email that are of larger size.

In such messy circumstance, a lot of questions will arise into your mind like how to send large files via email or is there any reliable way of emailing large files, etc. One stop answer for you questions is compression. Compressing large files will reduce the size of the file and makes it easier to get transmitted through emails. The files in compressed form also help you to save hard drive storage space so that you can store more and more data. And, in order to accomplish the task of large file compression for email, the most appropriate and quickest way is to make use of third party compression software.

One such handy file compression software is Remo MORE. This utility can compress large files for email easily and effectively, without allowing you to face any type of content loss. It performs lossless compression of large files just in few minutes. And, due to its high end performance, the application is widely accepted by the customers. Using MORE suit one can Zip large files for email on computers and laptops running with various operating system like Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

Remo MORE application can compress entire folders on hard drive into one single package that makes transferring of large files faster and easier to manage. This file compressor comes absolutely free of cost which means that user need not pay even a single rupee to zip for emailing large files. It supports compression of files with all file formats such as images, videos, movies, documents and more in just a few simple clicks of mouse. Through the use of this simple yet effective software, one can not only create new Zip file, but the tool also provides an option to open and update the existing Archive file. With the aid of this software, it is very easy to learn how to send big files over email by compressing them. In addition to this, you can also protect your compressed file from unauthorized user to keep them safe by setting password using strong AES encryption.

Simple steps to repair Microsoft Outlook errors:

Step1: Download and install Remo MORE toolkit on your system and launch the application. From the main application screen, choose “Manage” option and then select “Compress & Burn” option as depicted in Image 1.

How to Send Large Files via Email - Choose Compress & Burn Option

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Step2: Now, to compress large files for email tap on to “Zip” option and then choose “Create New Rzip File” option as depicted Image 2.

How to Send Large Files via Email - Create New Rzip File

Step3: After that, provide the name of the Zip file and select file path by using “Browse” button. Choose Archive format, compression level and tap on “OK” button as depicted in Image 3.

How to Send Large Files via Email - Select Compress Level and clcik OK

Step4: Add files and folders that you want to zip for emailing large files by selecting “Add Files” option. Once the files are added, click on “Compress” button to start the file compression process as depicted in Image 4.

How to Send Large Files via Email - Add Files

Step5: On completion of large files compression, you will receive a message propagating that compression process completed as depicted in Image 5.

How to Send Large Files via Email - Compression Process Completed

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