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Restoring Outlook Personal Folders Data File

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Emailing, scheduling task, Keeping track of your Contacts or managing Calendar, Outlook has made possible to do all this within single platform.

Outlook is a precious gift to us by Microsoft. It made organizing things simpler for professionals, entrepreneurs and for working class. But what looks simple is not that simple at all the time.

Whether popping with numerous weird error messages, loosing outlook files for no reasons or jumbling between Outlook data files ( PST and OST), we have faced that all.

Scanost.exe has been removed from Outlook 2010 and latter versions and Scanpst.exe don`t usually doesn`t satisfy our needs.

You have to find ways to secure yourself from any kind of Outlook glitches.

And PST repair software is the right tool for recovering your Outlook Personal folders.

 Before I suggest something it will be great to refresh the basics of Outlook Personal Folder.

Outlook Personal Folder

Outlook provides two kind of data folders for storing your – Personal folder and offline folder.

Personal Folder: Also called as PST file stores your messages and other items on computer. This is most common file that has been used by home users or in organizations. You can also move or archived your items to a personal folder file (.pst). You can free up storage space of mailbox by moving to a .pst file.

Offline Folder: Offline Folder file or OST file is a local copy of your email items that are saved in Microsoft Exchange Server. It allows working offline when a connection is lost or not possible to connect Microsoft Exchange Server. The .ost file id synchronized with server when connection established.

Basically both files save your Email items for different purpose. PST file is Backup of our email items. When you want to move your data from one computer to other, PST files should be with you.

 Outlook Disasters: PST errors

There is no end of Outlook Personal Folders flaws and with time we are discovering new ones.

·         Outlook Personal Folder missing

·         Outlook Personal Folder doesn`t closed properly and now I can`t able to open it.

·         Not a valid PST file

·         Can`t recognize the file

·         PST file is too big to open

·         Deleted my PST file

And there are even more which are a bit technical. So instead of going though them why not I suggest something that can possibly help you out.

Recover Outlook Personal Folder

PST Repair Tool is perfect for recovering Personal folder if you have accidently deleted them, PST file that is not opening as the size exceeds maximum size limit or the files which are not showing in Outlook.

Previous Outlook versions (prior to Outlook 2010) have a size limit of 2 GB. And if your files exceed this, you won`t be able to access those files. PST repair tool can repair those files and restore back on your new Outlook interface.

Sometimes Outlook files doesn`t shows up in Windows explorer. You can`t predict what is the reason. This Tool has strong scanning algorithm to find out lost PST files from your PC.

The PST repair supports Outlook 2013, 2010, and also lower versions. Read more about repairing corrupt PST file on Outlook 2013.

The software supports both Windows and Mac platforms. You can try our Demo version to test if it is able to recover your PST file. Demo version is able to get back files but only full version allows saving the file. 

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Simple steps to Recover Outlook Data File:

Steps 1: Download and install trial version of this repair tool. Launch the application by double clicking on the desktop icon. Now, select "Open PST file" or "Find PST file" or "Select Outlook Profile" option as in Figure 1.

recover outlook personal folder - Home Screen

Figure 1: Home Screen

Step B: On the next screen as in Figure 2, browse for your Outlook Personal Folder file and click on the "Next" Button.

recover deleted personal folder outlook - Select Oversized PST File

Figure 2: Select PST File

Step 3: Choose the location to save the new PST file and select scanning method and press "Repair" for starting the repair process as shown in Figure 3

how to recover personal folders in outlook  - Select Destination Folder

Figure 3: Select Destination Folder

Step 4: After completion of scan process, you can view the  PST file. If you are satisfied will the results then activates the trial version and save the PST file as shown in Figure 4.

 recover outlook file - Save the Repaired PST File

Figure 4: Save the PST file

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