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Restore PST File Over 20GB

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How to recover PST file over 20gb?

PST file stores all items of outlook, different versions of Microsoft Outlook have different size limit on MS Outlook PST file such as Outlook 2003 and earlier versions of outlook has PST file size of 2 GB, Outlook 2007 has 20 GB and Outlook 2010 has 50m GB. Suppose Outlook 2010 PST files get corrupt due to oversize then how would you repair the oversized PST file? How would you recover PST file items like emails, contacts etc? You can restore the corrupted PST file by oversized Outlook PST file repair software. This software can restore all size of PST files. This PST repair tool is an efficient repair tool that works on advance algorithm to repair oversized PST files. It restores oversized Outlook 2003 PST file items such as emails, tasks, notes, contacts, calendar, RSS feeds, journals etc. The size of PST files keeps on growing due to regular updates of emails and reaches maximum limit defined by Microsoft.

When the PST file is oversized it get corrupt it may result in deletion of Outlook emails. These all can be recovered using inbuilt tool scanpst.exe but in case of sever corruption it is not useful. In this scenario oversized PST file repair tool comes into picture. This oversized PST repair tool restores the oversized PST file on Outlook 2007. This oversized PST file repair tool is recommended by industry experts. This software repairs the PST file of any size it doesn’t matter whatever be the size of PST file has. It has the potential to fix 5GB PST file that gets corrupted in some unstoppable occassions such as virus invasion, improper termination of Outlook profile, Outlook upgradation failure etc.

The size of PST files increases regularly when you send and receive plenty of emails. You can’t reduce the size of PST file by deleting emails; it only reduces during compaction of PST file. This software reads the corrupted PST file and recovers emails, other data items from that and creates the new PST file. It does not make any changes to the original PST file. You have to import the new PST file to get back your corrupted data. This read only software fix oversized PST file on Windows 7 and other Windows family. It can repair the compressed and password protected file of any size. If want to avoid from the PST file corruption then you can create a backup of the PST file. Whenever you suffer PST file corruption problem then import the backup file and extract all data back. It become very easy to recover the data but even though you suffered oversized PST file problem then use oversized PST file repair tool for repairing the PST file.

With the help of oversized PST file repair tool you can repair the PST file of any outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010. It can also recover the emails that deleted due to the use of Microsoft recommended PST truncate tool to truncate the oversized PST file. It’s a few click process and repaired PST file will be in front of you. And the software is also helpful to repair 2GB PST file in Outlook 2000.

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There are following steps to use this software as given below:

Steps A: Download and install the trial version of the software. Launch the software by double click on the desktop icon. Select "Open PST file" option.

Restore PST file over 20gb - Home Page

Fig (a): Home Page

Step B: On the next screen you have to select the location where you want to store the recovered file.

Restore PST file over 20gb - Select the Location

Fig (b) Select the Location 

Step C: After completion of scan process the repaired PST file will be in front of you. If satisfied will the result then activates the trial and save the repaired PST file.

Restore PST file over 20gb - Save the Repaired PST File

Fig (c): Save the Repaired PST file

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