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Oversized PST File Repair on Windows 7

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Outlook users often face the problem of oversized Outlook PST while accessing the emails & other Outlook data. MS Outlook stores emails & other Outlook attributes in a Personal Storage Table (PST) file. This PST file has a limited maximum size limit in different Outlook versions. In Outlook 2000, the size limit of PST file is 2GB; in Outlook 2003 & 2007, it is 20GB; and 50 GB in MS Outlook 2010. The problem of oversized PST file was faced by many users who were using Outlook 2000, as the size used to increase with the increment in email usage across the globe. When this PST file size exceeds the size limit, the PST file gets damaged resulting in inaccessibility of Outlook emails along with other attributes. In this scenario, you must use our Repair oversized PST software that has the capability to repairing oversized Outlook 2000 PST file on Windows 7 operating system.

To overcome this problem in Outlook 2000, Microsoft increased the size limit to 20GB in Outlook 2003 & 2007. Earlier, people used to send or receive emails with a small attached file or no file attachment. But nowadays, Windows 7 users commonly attach data of comparatively large size along with the emails, this will increase the size of PST file on your Outlook. Also, there are many other Outlook attributes such as contacts, tasks, appointments, calendar, journals, RSS feeds, etc that are used by Outlook users for various purposes. With the increase in use of Outlook by Windows 7 users,  the size of PST file tends to increase and may reach the size limit that is assigned to it. Thus, the problem is not completely cured even in Outlook 2003 & 2007.

When the PST file is oversized, it gets corrupted and in severe corruption, may also result in deletion of Outlook emails from Inbox or Outbox folder, and may also delete other Outlook data. In such cases, you may use Inbox Repair Tool called Scanpst.exe, provided by MS Outlook, to repair corrupt PST file of Outlook 2007 & other versions on Windows 7 operating system. However, in case of severe corruption, the Scanpst.exe tool may not recover the emails & other data, as it only repairs the header of corrupted PST file. There are several third-party tools to fix PST file, but these softwares may not guarantee the complete recovery of Outlook data. Our Repair oversized PST tool is strongly recommended by various recovery organizations & professionals to repair the corrupted PST file that is oversized and has resulted in deletion of Outlook emails.

You can use this repair software to undelete emails from PST file on your Outlook, which gets deleted accidentally or due to anti-virus scanning of incoming & outgoing emails on Windows 7. It can also restore the emails that are deleted from the Deleted Items folder of MS Outlook and also recover the deleted contacts, RSS feeds, journals, etc. By using this utility you can fix Outlook OST with ease.

Repair oversized PST software does not modify the original damaged PST file during the repair process, it only takes copy of the oversized PST file and scan it deeply to extract Outlook attributes and at last makes a new PST file along with the extracted data. With the help of this application you can restore Outlook contacts from oversized PST file in just a few clicks.

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Just follow the simple steps to repair oversized PST file on Windows 7:

Step I: On the main window, select “Find PST File” option, as illustrated in Fig I.

Repair Oversized PST on Windows 7 - Select Find PST File

Fig I: Find PST File

Step II: Now, select the drive that contains the oversized PST file and select the PST file found with the software, as shown in Fig II. Then, click “Next”.

Repair Oversized PST on Windows 7 - Search oversized PST file on a drive

Fig II: Find location of PST File

Step III: The software provides you two types of scanning methods, select any of these options and provide the location for saving the repaired PST file. Then, click “Repair”, as illustrated in Fig III.

Repair Oversized PST on Windows 7 - Select scan method & destination path

Fig III: Scan Method

Step IV: Upon completion of scanning process, the software creates a new PST file. The recovered data is displayed in Outlook format, as shown in Fig IV.

Repair Oversized PST on Windows 7 - Recovered data in Outlook format

Fig IV: Recovered Outlook data

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