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Repair Microsoft Outlook PST File of 5GB

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MS Outlook is powerful email client that establishes uninterrupted communication around the network. So, many people prefer Outlook to carry out smooth communication around the organization and to execute the business work properly. It comes shipped with Microsoft Office suite. Outlook offers several unique features to improve its capability, usability and functionality for the purpose of communication. This outstanding application stores all the folders of the user’s mailbox in PST file. PST file is complex database file that contains various Outlook attributes such as contacts, RSS feeds, calendars, events, tasks, emails and notes etc. Outlook applications limit the size of the PST file. Usually, for Outlook 2002 and previous versions the PST file size limit is fixed to 2GB, where as it is increased to 20GB for MS Outlook 2003 and 50GB for Outlook 2010. As the PST file is complex data base file, minor error in PST file results in severe data loss. Consider that you are using the Outlook 2007 from many years and saved all the data related to business in the PST file and the PST file size has reached 5GB. Even though you take necessary precautionary measures to protect the 5GB PST file, it is prone to corruption in some unstoppable occasions. In such miserable situations don’t lose your calm…. Make use of PST repair tool to fix the PST file. The distinct features of the software has the ability to fix the oversized Outlook PST file with utmost ease.

PST File Corruption Scenarios:

  • Improper Termination of Outlook Profile: Abnormal termination of Outlook profile while accessing the PST file may write some junk or garbage value in to the file making it corrupt. Outlook application gets terminated improperly due to sudden system shutdown from power surge, application malfunction, OS crash, file system corruption etc.
  • Outlook Upgradation Failure: Usually we upgrade the Outlook in order to move from the lower versions of the Outlook to higher versions of the Outlook with advanced features. For instance assume that you are upgrading from Outlook 2003 to 2010. If the up gradation process is interrupted due to some logical or physical reasons then the Outlook file gets corrupted leading to an error on Outlook startup.
  • Misbehaving Add-ins: Usually add-ins are installed to extend the functionality of the Microsoft Outlook application. Installation of faulty add-ins that are not compatible with the current Outlook application freezes or hangs the Outlook application. Sometimes faulty add-ins interferes with the functionality of other add-ins causing the Outlook to behave abnormally. Installation of unnecessary add-ins overloads the Outlook application thus slowing the performance of Outlook.
  • Massive Handling of Emails: Outlook application gets stuck in between if you try to handle large volumes of emails at a single point of time. If you try to send, add or delete emails with large attachments at the same time, then it becomes unmanageable for the Outlook and the PST file gets corrupted. So never overload the MS Outlook application with more commands or functions at the same time.
  • Hardware Problems: If the PST file resides on the bad sector of the hard disk then it becomes impossible to read the contents of the file. Sometimes you can read the data but the read data will be incorrect. Since the bad sector is the unusable and unreadable sectors of the hard drive, file stored on the bad sectors prior to damage will get corrupted severely and becomes inaccessible. The number of bad sectors keeps on increasing with the usage of the hard drive.

Other than this there are many other scenarios responsible for the corruption of Outlook PST file of size 5GB. However MS Outlook provides built in Inbox Repair tool called scanpst.exe to fix corrupted or damaged PST file. But this tool fails to fix 5GB PST file if the corruption is severe and sometimes it just deletes the contents of the file if it fails to recognize it. So make use of PST file repair tool natively designed with extraordinary features to fix the PST files of any size. This read-only software can fix oversized PST file without altering the file structure of the PST file. It extracts required contents from oversized PST file and creates new PST file free of corruption and errors. Newly created PST file will be in Outlook 2003 -2010. So that it can be easily imported back to Outlook profile.

It can fix oversized PST file of Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010 and even the OST files. It is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and 2008. Other than repairing the oversized PST file, it empowers you to recover emails from oversized PST file. In addition to emails, you can recover other Outlook attributes such as contacts, RSS feeds, notes, events, calendars etc.

It can fix highly encrypted or password protected PST files without breaking the password code. Use the trial version of the application and judge the capability. If you are happy with the trial version results, buy the complete version of the application and save repaired file. You can even utilize this tool for repairing outlook 2010 OST file. To regain more information about Outlook OST recovery, just refers this page:http://www.oversizedpst.com/repairing-outlook-2010-ost-file.html

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Steps to Repair 5GB PST file:

Step 1: Download the free demo version or the full version of the software. You can choose any option from the Home screen. If you know the location of corrupted PST file then use "Open PST File" option to open a corrupted or oversized PST file that has to be repaired as shown in Fig A.

Repair 5GB PST File - Home Screen

Fig A:Home Screen

Step 2: Now you need to select the appropriate scanning option to scan the PST file. If the PST file is severely corrupted then choose "Smart Scan" option if not work with "Normal Scan" option as shown in Fig B.

Repair 5GB PST File - Selecting Scan Method

Fig B: Selecting Scan Method


Step 3: After selecting the scanning option, click on "Browse" button to select a suitable location for storing repaired PST file. After this you need to click on "Repair"button to allow the software to start the repairing process. As shown in Fig C.

Repair 5GB PST File - Selecting PST File

Fig C: Selecting PST File

Step 4: The software allows you to preview the repaired 5GB PST file. And you can save it if you are satisfied by Buying full version of the software as shown in Fig D.

Repair 5GB PST File - Preview window

Fig D: Preview Window

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