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Outlook 2007 Oversized PST File Repair Utility

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Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 is a graphically rich email client designed and developed by Microsoft Corporation. It is bundled with the Office 2007 Suite and introduced to cope with extremely rich graphics of Windows Vista and Windows 7. It has a Fluent User Interface that allows you to work on similar data pertaining to a specified area under different groups known as Ribbons.

Like earlier versions, Outlook 2007 stores all emails and other attributes of an Outlook profile in a Personal Storage Folder, i.e. PST file. Microsoft has increased the maximum size limit of PST file in Outlook 2007 to 20 GB keeping in mind the problems that come due to oversized PST file. Freezing of Outlook because of oversized PST file was very common in Outlook 2000. As soon as the PST size grows to 2GB, Outlook stopped working. You need to fix PST file of Outlook 2000 to work on your Outlook profile.

This problem of corrupt PST due to oversize of PST file was minimized in Outlook 2003 and much more minimized in Outlook 2007. However, you might encounter problem of oversized PST file in Outlook 2007 also. It happens because of PST file size growing regularly when you receive plenty of emails daily. The size of PST file even does not reduce if you delete your unwanted emails regularly. It only reduces during compaction of PST file but compaction does not work if there are no empty spaces in PST file. Therefore, if PST file is damaged you have to repair PST file using Repair Oversized PST software.

This utility during the repair process does not change your original corrupt PST file. It only takes copy of corrupt large PST file, scans it to extract all emails and other data, and finally makes a new PST file with the extracted data. You can later import the new PST file to Outlook and get back your complete Outlook profile in the same fashion as it was before corruption of PST file. This read only utility will fix PST file on Windows 7 &other Windows OS versions, it can repair PST file of any size and even compressed PST file. Its powerful repair algorithms will work on password protected and highly encrypted huge PST file. After repairing the file, the software can restore emails from oversized Outlook PST file with ease. The software works on all major versions of Outlook and generates the new PST file in Outlook 2003 - 2010 format. With this application, you can even repair PST over 20gb or 50gb with ease.

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You can download and install the software to repair oversized Outlook 2003 PST file by following simple steps:

Step 1: Double click on desktop shortcut to open the software. On main screen, you will see three options that are "Open PST File", "Find PST File", and "Select Outlook Profile". You can choose any option as shown in Fig 1

Oversized PST Outlook 2007 - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Browse your computer for the oversized PST file and click on "Next" button as shown below in Fig 2

Oversized PST Outlook 2007 - Select Oversized PST File

Fig 2: Select Oversized PST File

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Step 3: Select the location to save the new PST file and choose one scanning method. Now press "Repair" for starting the repairing process as shown in Fig 3

Oversized PST Outlook 2007 - Select Destination Folder

Fig 3: Select Destination Folder

Step 4: Finally preview the corrected Outlook profile in Outlook style browser as shown below in Fig 4

Oversized PST Outlook 2007 - Preview Corrected Outlook Profile

Fig 4: Preview Corrected Outlook Profile

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