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Repair Outlook .pst is not a Personal Folders File

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These days, many users are making use of Microsoft Outlook as their email client in order to save all the personal or business emails. Outlook stores all its emails and other Outlook attributes in PST file (Personal Storage Table) with .pst file extension. What if all of a sudden, your computer displays an error message that “Outlook .pst is not a personal Folders file”? After encountering this error message, you were not able to access the emails that are stored in your PST file? What to do in such inevitable circumstance? Do not worry, as this type of error messages gets generated when your Outlook PST file gets corrupted or damaged due to variable factors among which some might be known and other may remain unknown to you.

So, the very best option to get rid of such error messages is to employ third party repair tools which are designed by technical professionals who are involved in creating and developing PST file repair programs. Outlook Oversized PST repair software is among the best repair program which can effectively repair Outlook .pst is not a personal folders file error and helps you out to extract all your stored information from it. Check out this link www.oversizedpst.com/, to read more about this repair utility. Now moving further, let us have a glimpse for the reasons under which your Outlook .pst file gets corrupted and generates Microsoft Outlook errors.

Common PST file corruption scenarios:

  • Your Outlook PST file may get corrupt, when it is shared over unprotected networks like internet. As unauthorized users may modify your original PST file, leading to corruption and generation of errors which makes the file inaccessible causing loss of important information stored in PST file.
  • If the PST index file gets damaged because of improper exiting of Outlook or computer due to power surge issues, then you might come across this error message, which in turn makes the entire PST file unreadable causing data loss from MS Outlook PST file. But, you can fix Outlook .pst is not a personal folders file error by using services of this Outlook repair software.
  • Malfunctioning of Outlook application can also result in .pst file corruption thereby resulting in inaccessibility of the entire emails and other Outlook attributes residing in it making you to face severe loss of vital information.
  • In case the header file of your Outlook PST file is corrupted or damaged due to improper truncation of Outlook, malware attack, etc. then you may encounter “Outlook .pst is not a personal folders file” error message. However, if you want to repair Outlook .pst is not a personal folders file, then Outlook repair tool is the best choice.

These were only a few factors that are accountable for Outlook .pst file corruption, but there can be several of other issues which might corrupt your PST file and make you to face numerous Outlook error message. These error messages restrict you to access your PST file causing data loss. However, Outlook Oversized PST repair tool can help you tackle with all Outlook errors thereby making the corrupt .pt file accessible. If you are facing PST file oversize issue, then make use of this repair tool that knows how to open PST file that is too big just within matter of time. Tap on this link http://www.oversizedpst.com/file-is-too-big-to-open.html for complete assistance. This application is read only software that creates a copy of your source PST file which ensures that it does not make any changes to your source PST file. By using this tool you can mend Outlook .pst is not a personal folders file and restore PST data quickly with great accuracy. The software is built to fix Outlook .pst is not a personal folders file error on all versions of Outlook starting from Outlook 2000 to MS Outlook 2010.

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Simple steps to repair Microsoft Outlook errors:

Steps 1: Download and install trial version of this repair tool. Launch the application by double clicking on the desktop icon. Now, select "Open PST file" or "Find PST file" or "Select Outlook Profile" option as in Figure 1.

Outlook .pst is not a Personal Folders File - Home Screen

Figure 1: Home Screen

Step B: On the next screen as in Figure 2, browse for your Outlook PST file and click on the "Next" Button.

Outlook .pst is not a Personal Folders File - Select Oversized PST File

Figure 2: Select PST File

Step 3: Choose the location to save the new PST file and select scanning method and press "Repair" for starting the repair process as shown in Figure 3

Outlook .pst is not a Personal Folders File - Select Destination Folder

Figure 3: Select Destination Folder

Step 4: After completion of scan process, you can view the repaired PST file. If you are satisfied will the results then activates the trial version and save the repaired PST file as shown in Figure 4.

Outlook .pst is not a Personal Folders File - Save the Repaired PST File

Figure 4: Save the Repaired PST file

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