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PST File Size Limit

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PST Fixer for Windows XP

PST is nothing but personal storage table which stores all Outlook data such as calendar items, inbox items, RSS feeds, deleted items and other details. Outlook is one of the email clients which are being used by many users. It stores all emails and other data in respective user’s PC instead of storing in server.  Storing data in email server is not safe because data may lose due to some reasons. So, many users opt for Outlook and is best option to use in office environment.  But the thing is Outlook stores all data in PST file which in turn it may get corrupt due to virus threats, file header corruption and other reasons. In such situation, user opt for built-in tool called Scan PST or Inbox repair tool to repair damaged or corrupted PST file. Suppose that PST file is severely corrupted or damaged, that time this repair tool is incapable to fix, instead it damages PST file still more and makes Outlook application unapproachable and results in loss of important emails, notes, calendar items and other Outlook data which adversely affect on users.

Various reasons behind corruption of PST file:

There are many reasons we can see behind PST file corrupt or damage. In each version of Outlook, there is storage limit in PST file. In Outlook 2000, PST file size limit is 2 GB. Suppose PST file is oversized beyond 2 GB, PST file starts corrupting itself and there is probability of loosing data results in loss of data and even corrupted PST file may makes your Outlook application unapproachable. Data you have been lost due to PST file corruption, it is highly impossible to get back unless using any professional tool. In such situation you may panic for losing precious emails, notes and other information.  Don’t worry, in this article introducing one of the special PST fixer tools which is having all capabilities of fixing all errors raised in Outlook application and regains all lost data from Outlook and finally provides easy access to your Outlook application. This tool is also employ to fix oversized PST file of Outlook 2000 in Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and 8 etc.

Oversized PST file is not a big problem. It can be fixed with ease. In case you are a Win 8 user whose Outlook data file or PST file is damaged due to oversize then you need not have to worry at all. By using this application you can repair Windows 8 oversized PST file very safely.

Other reason is behind PST file corruption is virus threats, it’s one of the major threats which corrupt all file stored in any storage devices and makes inaccessible. Even your PST file is also get corrupt easily by this dangerous virus threats. These virus threats enter into your hard disk, when you receive infected data from other and stores into your PC without scanning or downloading virus infected applications, games and other data stuff.  So, always have updated antivirus tool and scan PC regularly to avoid file corruption by killing virus threats in Windows XP.  Sharing PST file over network, file system corruption, upgrading Outlook to newer version results in PST file corruption. However, PST file is corrupted or damaged due to any reasons, by using this advanced tool you can easily fix and recoups all Outlook data with ease. To get more information about this tool, you just click here.

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Follow below mentioned steps to fix PST file in Windows XP:

Step 1: Download and install the trial version on PC completely and launch it by double clicking on the software icon present on the desktop. Select "Find PST File" when a main screen gets displayed.

PST Fixer for Windows XP - Main Page

Fig 1: Main Page

Step 2: After choosing PST file, select appropriate scanning method on basis of severity of PST file corruption, and select destination path to save mended PST file as shown in figure 2. Finally click on "Repair" button to start repairing process.

PST Fixer for Windows XP - Select the Destination Path

Fig 2: Select the Destination Path

Step 3: After completion of the repair process, you can preview regained Outlook data as shown in figure 3.

PST Fixer for Windows XP - Retrieved List of Repaired Outlook items

Fig 3: Retrieved List of Repaired Outlook items

Step 4: Finally purchase full version on basis of satisfactory results if you gained in the demo version.

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