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Repair Oversized PST on Win 8

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Are you not able to access data on your Windows 8 Outlook due to oversized PST file? If yes, then you need not have to panic about this. Now you have fair chances of repairing your Outlook data file and getting back the access to all your Outlook attributes. Yes, it is absolutely true. With the aid of oversized PST software you can easily fix your oversized Outlook PST file and get back the access to all your Outlook attributes with just few clicks. An oversized PST file is not a big problem. It can be repaired without any difficulty by making use of oversized PST software. There are fairly a huge number of reasons behind your Outlook data file corruption. One of the major reasons due to which this Outlook data file gets damaged is its oversize. Due to the exceeding of the size limit these files get damaged to a great extent. But it is not a very big problem to be resolved. Simply by using this application under this condition it is possible to fix oversized PST file on Windows 8.

PST file size exceeds a specified limit under various scenarios. Whenever we create a note or create a calendar item the size of the Outlook data file increases. With the increase in the number of received as well as sent emails the PST file size grows to a considerable extent. Not only emails but with the addition of new contacts also the PST file size increases. Due to these cumulative factors PST file grows to an extent after which it gets corrupted severely. In this condition this application comes into the picture. Visit http://www.oversizedpst.com/file.html if you want to know how this software repairs oversized PST file.

This software is not only meant for repairing oversized PST file but it is also meant for repairing PST file which is damaged due to reasons such as Network failure, power failure, improper Outlook termination and header corruption. Due to these reasons also the Outlook PST file gets corrupted and the data on Outlook get inaccessible. Many major Outlook attributes such as emails, contacts, notes and journals get inaccessible when PST file gets corrupted due to these reasons. But with the help of oversized PST software it is definitely possible to overcome these factors and repair PST file without any problem.

You can run this software not only Windows 8 but also on various other Windows computers such as Windows XP, Vista, server and Win 7. It is absolutely possible to repair oversized Outlook 2003 PST file with the support of this application. If your Outlook 2000, 2007 or 2010 PST file is corrupted due to oversize then also you can try this software to repair such corrupted PST file with ease. With this repair utility, you can repair large PST file on Outlook 2010 including its other versions. For additional reading, just log on to: http://www.oversizedpst.com/repair-large-file-on-outlook-2010.html

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Simple steps to Fix Oversized PST File on Windows 8:

Step I: After launching this tool on your Win 8 computer select "Find PST File" option from the main window.

Fix Oversized PST File on Windows 8 - Select Find PST File

Fig I: Find PST File

Step II: Select the drive that contains this oversized PST file from this screen and click on "Next" option to proceed further.

Fix Oversized PST File on Windows 8 - Select Drive

Fig II: Select Drive

Step III: Then choose either Normal Scan or Smart Scan option from the next screen. Also select the destination location to save the new PST file. Once you do that click on "Repair" option.

Fix Oversized PST File on Windows 8 - Select Scan Method

Fig III: Select Scan Method

Step IV: Upon the completion of repair process, you can preview the repaired PST file contents in the preview browser.

Fix Oversized PST File on Windows 8 - Preview Repaired PST File Data

Fig IV: Preview Repaired PST File Data

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