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Repair PST File Exceeded Size Limit

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Problem of oversized PST file comes in earlier versions of Microsoft because in the earlier versions such as 2000 and 2002 it was 2GB, so oversized problem comes very frequently. Due to that PST file cannot be opened and you became unable to access your emails, contacts, tasks etc that ends with damaged PST file. So you can recover all these items by repairing your PST file using oversized PST file repair tool. PST file size in outlook is increases with the use of sending and receiving email. Prior people used to send or receive emails with a small attached file. But nowadays, users commonly attach data of comparatively big size along with the emails, this increases the size of PST file on Outlook. With the increase in use of outlook PST file size limit exceeds that is assigned to it. So the problem is not resolved even in outlook 2003 and 2007 although for these versions Microsoft has increases the PST file size up to 20 GB.

With the use of Windows 7 Microsoft has increased the size of outlook 2010 PST up to 50 GB. So even up if the oversized file limit problem occurred then it will be resolved by using oversized PST file repair tool. Microsoft already provided the inbox repair tool called scanpst.exe that fix oversized PST on Windows 7 but it may not recover the emails and data, as it repairs only the header of corrupted PST file and one more drawback of this inbuilt repair tool is it make changes to the original PST file but oversized PST file repair tool creates separate copy of the PST file and stores it at separate place. This software performs read only operation and do not make any changes to the original PST file. So it repairs oversized Outlook PST file very easily.  Using oversized PST file repair, you can easily perform 10GB Outlook PST repair that is severly corrupted due to some unpredicted reasons.

This software can be used to undelete emails from oversized Outlook PST file, it scans the PST file very deeply to extracts the outlook attributes and finally makes a new PST file along with the extracted data. With the help of this software Outlook 2007 PST oversized file can be repaired in few clicks.

The size of PST file does not reduce if you delete your unwanted emails regularly. However there is no size limit in Outlook 2013 and above still file get corrupted, read here.

 It reduces only during the compaction of PST files but compaction is possible when there is empty space is available in PST files. So if the PST file size limit exceeds then there is no other choice except use of oversized PST file repair tool. Using outlook it is very simple to migrate to a newer version by copying the PST file.

How will you recognize your PST file get corrupted due to oversized for example you have a file name abc.exe and you got the message “Errors have been detected in the file abc.pst”. At this point of time you should use oversized PST file repair tool to repair oversized PST file. It helps you to learn how to fix a PST file that is too large.

As we all know that, with daily updates of RSS feeds and contacts the size of PST file grows regularly. When the size of the PST file exceeds from defined limit then your outlook stop functioning. So you have to use oversized PST file repair tool. This tool also has the special ability to repair errors have been detected in the file outlook.pst on all Outlook versions. There are following steps how to use that software as given below:

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Step 1: Download and install the trial version and launch it by double clicking on the software icon present on the desktop. Choose "Find PST File" when a main page gets displayed.

PST file size limit - Main Page

Fig 1: Main Page

Step 2: On the next page you need to select a drive for the software to "Find" oversized PST file that gets displayed later after the completion of scanning of selected drive. Select this file and click "Next"

PST file size limit - Select the PST file contained drive

Fig 2: Select the PST file contained drive

Step 3: After completion of the scanning process a confirmation message gets displays as "Your outlook pst file have been successfully repaired" as shown in Fig:3.

PST file size limit - Retrieved List of Repaired Outlook items

Fig 3: Retrieved List of Repaired Outlook items

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