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PST Email Recovery

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Are you looking to recover lost emails from oversized PST file?

Personal Storage Table in short PST is a file format used to store emails, calendar items, contacts and other information related to Microsoft Outlook.  We can store outlook 2000 attribute items information up to 2 GB in PST file. PST file starts corrupting when its size reaches 2 GB of data then we will be in situation of losing old emails and other attributes information of Outlook. To overcome by this scenario of losing emails better would go with PST recovery software to recover emails which are more crucial to you. It is proficient software to recover emails which are lost due to oversized PST file. And repairs oversized Outlook PST files of Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, and 2010 and even OST (Offline Storage Table) file of Microsoft Outlook.

Let’s see major issues behind loss of emails from PST;

  • Virus attacks: More users are fond of browsing, usually more dangerous virus are entering system by usage of internet. These virus damage or corrupt PST files results in loss of emails.  Read about recovering Outlook Personal Folder
  • File system error: Uncertainly bad sectors are created on hard disk which makes damage or corrupt to the system files and even stored files on hard disk including PST which consequence in loss of emails.
  • Sharing PST file over internet: There might be chance of damaging or corrupting PST file while sharing PST file over internet. By clicking here, you will get detailed information about fixing PST file on Windows XP.
  • Third party utilities: using antivirus or any other utilities which may damage PST file, results in loss of outlook attributes data.
  • Oversized PST file: Outlook 2000 PST file capacity of storing data is 2 GB only if exceeds its size, PST file get corrupt which results in loss of emails and other attributes.

Don’t worry!!! if you cannot access PST file. If the PST files are getting corrupt or damage, we can recover contents of PST including emails by using fix PST tool. It’s one of the best tool for outlook to recover its PST file with ease and effectively.

Tool designed with effective algorithms which help in repairing damaged emails and other attributes of outlook too. This tool helps you to retrieve Outlook contacts from oversized PST file easily. Moreover it has effective user interface and flexible to use it.

Many users of wants to upgrade their outlook but while upgrading outlook if interrupted due to any reasons, there will be chance of PST file become inaccessible. Repair PST file tool can easily repair inaccessible PST file without affecting its contents. This tool enables us to recover undelete emails from oversized Outlook PST file along with contacts, notes, calendar, etc.

Microsoft outlook provides scanpst tool to repair PST file contents when it is damaged by virus threats, file system error and other reasons. But even scanpst tool fails to repair severely damaged PST file. Email recovery software has proficient to repair severely damaged PST file and recover all emails lost from it.  

Any outlook user lost their emails then uses this software to recover PST data like emails, contacts, etc.  Demo version of this software is available freely in websites. Go through link once and enjoy by recovering your lost emails from PST.

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Just follow the simple steps to recover emails on PST file:

Step I: Download and launch software on PC successfully. On the main screen, select “Find PST” option to search your PST file from PC.

PST Email Recovery- Select PST File

Fig I: Find PST File

Step II:Select the PST file from where you want to recover emails. And click “Next”.

PST Email Recovery - Search PST file on a drive

Fig II: Find location of PST File

Step III:Select scanning method and the destination folder to save the recovered emails from PST file. When done, click "Repair" to start the process as illustrated in Fig III.

PST Email Recovery - Select scan method & destination path

Fig III: Scan Method

Step IV: Upon completion of scanning process, the software creates a new PST file. The recovered data is displayed in Outlook format, as shown in Fig IV.

PST Email Recovery - Recovered data in Outlook format

Fig IV: Recovered Emails

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