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2GB PST Repair Tool

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You might have come across a PST file that is corrupted due to oversize. It’s a very common reason for a Personal data table file to get corrupted. As the size of PST file is limited to 2GB, many a times MS Outlook files exceed that limit. So whenever your PST file crosses the limit of 2GB your file gets corrupted. In such a moment you need oversized Outlook PST repair tool that solves your problem and get back all the important data for you, like emails, contacts, calendars, journals, notes and other MS Outlook items. It allows the users to fix 2gb PST file, so it also named as 2GB PST repair tool. This tool is built with a strong algorithm that helps you repair PST over 2GB with utmost ease. When your data file size crosses 2GB then you may be facing the following problems with your MS Outlook.

  • PST file will not open.
  • You can't send or receive emails.
  • You can’t add further data to the existing file.

Good to remember some points to avoid your PST file getting oversized like deleting old mails from your inbox, deleting unnecessary drafts, deleting mails which are saved twice, keep track of your file size, etc. Even after taking all these precautions if your file gets corrupted, then you need to think beyond this. That is using 2GB PST repair tool you can fix oversized PST file to repair Outlook 2007 PST file.

This PST repair tool is provided with effective and easy features. So, if you are looking for a tool to fix 2GB PST file then go for this amazing tool. With this software can repair 2GB oversized PST outlook file in 2007 and it also repairs the files which MS outlook built in repair tool can’t repair. Here are some of the things that this software does.

  • It repair PST over 2GB
  • Recover deleted items or emails deleted from the any other folder in Microsoft outlook
  • Can recover and repair password protected files
  • Corrupted compressed PST files can be recovered. Click here to get more information about fixing PST file on Windows XP.
  • The software provides a find option that find an oversized PST file

Software runs for all the versions of MS outlook like 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and fix 2GB PST file. You can also repair 5GB PST file that gets corrupted in some unfortunate situations. With the aid of this Oversized PST repair application, you can effectively fix 10GB PST file of any version of Outlook within very less time.

The 2GB PST repair tool  is available in two versions that are demo version and full version. Demo version is free to use from the site and Demo version is exactly the same as of full version, but it's just that save option is not provided in Demo, but you can preview the repaired PST file. And save the repaired PST file after you can buy the full version from the site. 2GB PST repair tool even allows the user to fix outlook 2010 OST file. In this web page you will get complete information about it: www.oversizedpst.com/repairing-outlook-2010-ost-file.html

Apart from these it can also repair PST files which are oversized due to the increase in the number of emails or deleted items. It is the best tool which repairs oversized PST file on Win 7, server, XP, Vista and Windows 8. If your Windows 8 Outlook PST file is corrupted due to oversize then you just have to click on http://www.oversizedpst.com/fix-file-windows-8.html to know how to repair PST file on Windows 8.

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Steps to repair PST over 2GB:

Step 1: Download the free demo version or the full version of the software. You can choose any option from the Home screen. Open PST File option to open a corrupted or oversized PST file. Find PST File option helps you to find the corrupted file when you don't know the location of the PST file. Select Outlook Profile option select the profile from which the corrupted PST file has to be retrieved as shown in Fig A.

2GB PST Repair Tool - Home Screen

Fig A:Home Screen

Step 2: After you click on any one option, a new window will pop-up which shows all your PST files stored in your system. By  selecting the required file from the list which needs to be repaired and then click on "Next" button so that the software can start the process of repairing as shown in Fig B.

2GB PST Repair Tool - Selecting PST file

Fig B: Selecting PST file


Step 3: Select any one of the required scanning method either "Normal scan" or "Smart scan". After selecting the scanning option, click on "Browse" button to select a suitable location for storing repaired PST file. After this you need to click on "Repair"button to allow the software to start the repairing process. As shown in Fig C.

2GB PST Repair Tool - Selecting Scan Option and Destination folder

Fig C: Selecting Scan Option and Destination folder


strong>Step 4: The software allows you to preview the repaired oversized PST file. And you can save it if you are satisfied by Buying full version of the software as shown in Fig D.

2GB pst repair tool - Preview window

Fig D: Preview Window

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