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Software to Fix Oversized PST File

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Outlook is the most popular email client that is used by many individuals across the globe for communication. Outlook stores all its data in Outlook PST file, which is nothing but a data base file, which saves all the Outlook data with .pst file extension. PST stands for Personal Storage Table. PST file of Outlook is the storage location in which all emails and other Outlook attributes of an Outlook profile is stored. If needed the PST file can be shared on network as well. PST file maintains all the information of Outlook such as email messages, contacts, notes, calendar events, etc. Its size keeps on growing with regular update of emails. The size of the PST file depends on the version of Outlook that you are using like Outlook 2000 has the storage space of around 2GB, but all its later versions as the technology progressed Microsoft developed the PST file of huge storage space. The latest Outlook versions save data of around 50GB or more than that.

However, sometimes what happens is the PST file of Outlook gets oversized. It mainly happens when you keep on storing the data on your Outlook without removing it and PST file reaches a maximum size limit as set by Microsoft. When the PST file of Outlook there might be a chance that PST file might get corrupt. If it gets corrupted, then firstly Outlook stops working and the most important thing is you will not be able to access any of the Outlook data.

Are you unable to access your valuable Outlook data due to oversized PST file??? Then don't panic!!! Oversized PST repair tool is the all-in-one solution to your problem.

Oversized PST repair tool is an expert tool to repair damaged PST files of Microsoft Outlook that has been damaged due to oversize of PST file. It repairs oversized Outlook 2003 PST file to recover complete data of your Outlook profile including emails, tasks, notes, contacts, calendar, RSS feeds, and journals. This tool not only recovers your existing emails but also retrieves deleted emails of your Outlook profile. Oversized PST is a tool that will let you know how to repair oversized PST file of Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, and 2010 and even OST (Offline Storage Table) file of Microsoft Outlook.

It is designed with efficient scanning algorithms that deeply scans the huge PST file to extract data and make a new valid PST file with the extracted data. The new PST file can be imported to Outlook to get back your complete working Outlook profile. It can fix oversized PST on Windows 7, Vista, Win XP and recently released OS. This tool is also capable of repairing PST file that has been corrupted when any error occurs while repairing the Outlook PST file using the inbox repair tool or scanpst.exe.

Other than PST oversize issue, this software is capable enough to handle other possible corruption issues that may happen to your Outlook PST. Using Oversized PST repair tool you can definitely get to know how oversized PST file repair can be easily performed after virus infection, sharing it over a network or PST header corruption only in few mouse clicks. The software is highly efficient which will perform oversized Outlook PST repair in a very effective manner. There are lots of other third part utilities, which can be used to repair oversized Outlook PST file, however majority of the tools are unsafe and are ineffective. These tools when installed on your PC, they may damage your system and sometimes they may corrupt your important data. Oversized PST repair tool is a reliable utility, it will never harm your important data or computer.

Moreover, this repair tool will fix oversized PST file very safely as it does not include any detrimental elements such as malware or spiteful programs. Once you repair the PST file using this tool, the Outlook will perform normally and it allows you to access all your important data.

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Also, the large PST file results in freeze of Outlook and it stops responding. However, you need to repair oversized Outlook PST to work on your mails. This Oversized PST repair tool will successfully repair oversized PST file so that you can recover all your important Outlook data such as email messages, contacts, RSS feeds, address book, reminder and many more. This powerful repair utility has been designed and developed by well experienced technical staff. In case you feel any assistance is required in order to use this tool, then you can avail the support at any point of time. It has a simple user interface, it gives clear cut directions and screen shots for every step following which even an inexperienced person to use this tool. The software can effectively repair Outlook 2007 oversized PST file including 2013, 2010, 2003 and 2000.

Oversized PST repair app has received several compliments by its users and consistently the tool has remained an award winning utility. Besides these, with the help of this remarkable repair utility you can repair PST file that is been damaged due to compression errors i.e. while compacting the PST file if any error occurs and PST gets corrupted, then you need to get worried, as this tool will easily repair the PST even in this situation. With the help of this repair app you can fix PST file that has encrypted or else it has been protected with a password. It permits you to have a preview of recovered contents from corrupted Outlook PST file. Before purchasing this repair utility you can try the demo version of this tool, if you feel it can work as per your requirement then get its licensed version.

Recent Updates:

Recover Outlook Personal Folder: PST Repair Tool is perfect for recovering Personal folder if you have accidently deleted them. The PST repair supports Outlook 2013, 2010, and also lower versions. The software is compatible for both Windows and Mac platforms.

Repair corrupt outlook pst 2013: Oversized PST File Repair provides complete solution for Microsoft Outlook Data file corruption. Repair PST as well as OST files that are inaccessible, corrupted, too big, password protected and even partially damaged

How to Fix Errors have been Detected in the File Outlook.pst: You can easily fix errors have been detected in the file Outlook.pst to get back access to the Outlook profile with the help of Oversized PST Repair tool on Outlook 2010, 2003, 2007, 2000. To know more about Oversized PST Repair, refer this page: http://www.oversizedpst.com/repair-errors-have-been-detected-in-outlook.html

How to Repair 10 GB PST File: In case your 10 GB PST file is corrupted due to oversize and has become inaccessible then do not feel depressed. Try out Oversized PST repair software that helps you in repairing 10GB PST file on all versions of Outlook and makes data accessible. To know about repairing procedure, refer this link: http://www.oversizedpst.com/how-to-repair-10gb-file.html

Repair Large PST file on Outlook 2010: Are you in the search of a tool which can repair large sized PST file on Outlook 2010, then don’t worry, make use of Oversized PST Repair utility and fix the issue in few minutes. For detailed information on large sized Outlook 2010 PST file repair, visit this page: http://www.oversizedpst.com/repair-large-file-on-outlook-2010.html.

PST File is too big to open: Make use of Oversized PST repair toolkit to fix PST file that is too large and you are unable to open on your Outlook. Navigate here http://www.oversizedpst.com/file-is-too-big-to-open.html to extract complete information about this repair toolkit.

Fix Oversized PST File on Windows 8: Now fix your oversized PST file on Windows 8 without putting much effort with the help of oversized PST software. Log on to http://www.oversizedpst.com/fix-file-windows-8.html if you want to know more about this software.

How to Send Large Files Via Email: The most reliable and safest way of sending large files through emails is by compressing them. Using Remo MORE software, one can easily compress large files for email that too without causing any content loss. Navigate here http://www.oversizedpst.com/send-large-files-via-email.html for complete information on large file compression.

PST fixer for Windows XP: If any user facing any difficulties in accessing Outlook items in Windows XP, after PST file is being severely corrupted due to oversized, virus threats, PST file header corruption, then it is a ultimate tool to fix PST file and to gain lost Outlook items in a simple way. For further details, visit http://www.oversizedpst.com/fixer-for-windows-xp.html.

Fix Outlook 2010 OST File: Some additional features are added to Oversized PST repair tool. Now with this tool user can even fix Outlook 2010 OST file. Check out this site for further help: http://www.oversizedpst.com/repairing-outlook-2010-ost-file.html

Outlook .pst is not a Personal Folders File: This reliable repiar toolboc can now fix all Microsft Outlook errors that gets generated due to corruption or damage of PST file. Have a peek at this link www.oversizedpst.com/not-a-personal-folders-file.html to read more about this efficient repair software.

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Simple steps to know how to repair oversized PST file:

Step 1: Download the Oversized PST repair tool and install on the computer. Launch the software to get the main page of the software as below shown below. Click on any of the three options, to locate the PST file to be repaired.

Oversized PST - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Page

Step 2: After locating the PST file, click on "Next" to repair the PST file.

How to Repair Oversized PST File? - Select PST File

Fig 2: Select the PST File

Step 3: The PST file will be repaired and the contents of the PST file are listed. You can preview those and save the PST file on the computer at a particular destination.

Oversized PST File Repair - Repaired Screen

Fig 3: List of Retrieved Data

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